Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Living For Today

Time. It's such a funny dynamic, especially when it involves our kids. 

One minute we are wearing dark circles (thank you concealer) and are utterly exhausted from waking up several times nightly to feed them, wishing beyond hope for four hours of consecutive sleep.....The next moment we are holding back tears as they suddenly become "independent" and want to tuck their own-selves into bed....

One minute our backs are hurting from holding them all day and we secretly wish for the day when they will walk, even if its just for a second...the next day they running in circles and walking on our hearts... 

One minute they are barely stringing words together and we wish for the day when they can talk and we can understand what exactly it is that they are whining about...the next minute they are talking up a storm and we feel the "baby-ness"slowly drifting away...

Something tells me that one day my heart will feel a deep longing for "today." 

It will long for the days when I felt so fulfilled knowing that I was needed when a child cried out for mommy in the middle of the night. 

It will long for the days when our children were safe in the four walls of our home, away from the distractions and temptations of the world. 

It will long for the days when our children's biggest worry was whether or not we had any more fruit snacks. 

A few things I know for sure...

"Tomorrow" it probably won't seem as important to have the house immaculately clean in case an unexpected guest arrives. I will long for crushed up goldfish crackers and puzzle pieces on the floor. 

"Tomorrow" it probably won't seem as important to finally have all the socks matched and all the clothes folded and tucked away. I will reminisce about the children pretending to iron a basketful of clothes on their fake iron.

Tomorrow it won't matter whether or not I have seen the latest Facebook status of a friend I haven't talked to since high school. I will be looking through old pictures and videos of our sweeties.

Lord please help me soak these precious moments in with my children. Help me to remember to not take them for granted. 

Tomorrow she'll be teenager and too embarrassed to hold mommy's hand. Today I'm enjoying the moments when she holds my hand and says "let me show you mom" when she goes potty. 

Tomorrow he will replace his toys with a video game or a tv show. Today I'm enjoying the moments when we play with dinosaurs and he points out "ceritops" (triceratops) 

Tomorrow she will have her keys in her hand and will be headed out with friends. Today I'm enjoying the moments when Brooklyn just wants mommy to hold her, which is roughly 65% of the day. 

Tomorrow he will tower over me and I will look up at him instead of down at him. Today I'm enjoying the moments when I cradle him in my arms and tell him I'd like a "rib sandwich," while I tickle his sides until  he starts to hiccup :)

Tomorrow she will be going to the movies with a boyfriend. Today I'm enjoying the moments when we pop old fashioned popcorn and I introduced her to treasured Disney movies. 

Tomorrow he will be away at college in his dorm room. Today I'm enjoying the moments when he asks for "mommy" to tuck him in. 

Take a deep breath mommies.

Hold your children. 

Put your phone down. 

Look into their eyes when they talk to you. 

You're not going to get everything right 100% off the time. No one is perfect.  But I'm willing to bet that if you rely on The Lord and you look to his Word for guidance, you just might get it right a lot of the time. And pray, pray, pray.  :) 

Leave the mess there and play with baby dolls and build forts. Later the mess will be right there waiting. This precious time with your children won't be. 

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